You may be conditioned to think of the Printer Brands that have been popular for the home office and students dorms however those well marketed brands do not always offer the best image quality, reliability, effective use of inks nor ease of use.

     The immediate feedback and convenience of modern digital cameras are things we’ve all grown to love, but if you’re like most of us, you’ve also got folders and folders full of images on your computer that hardly get seen.  In the days of film, printing our images was a part of the process, and instead of folders-full, we had boxes-full.  Thankfully we don’t have all those 4x6’s laying around and piling up anymore, but we’re also missing out on enjoying our most prized photographs. We now have the ability to preview all of our images on-screen and print only the ones we want to, so why aren’t we printing?


   So what are you waiting for? You can produce fine art prints that you will love, right from your studio or office.  We are happy to introduce you to the latest technology and set you up so you can be producing the photographic prints that you will be proud to present.   Bear Images has real-world experience, not manufacturer marketing flyers as our guide to what we use as the best in printing technology!


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CANON PRO Series Printers have Features That Make A Difference


Producing the correct color is paramount when printing high- quality, archival work. The built-in Color Calibration function uses a multi-sensor to read color density and automatically calibrate the printer, so that the last print looks as stunning as the first.


Ink ejection conditions are precisely checked with sensors, so if a clog is detected, another nozzle automatically provides backup.

In addition to helping to prevent wasted prints due to clogging, this also helps reduce the frequency of nozzle cleaning required.


On other brands of printers, switching from Matte Black to Photo Black consumes a significant amount of ink and time. The PRO Series is designed to work seamlessly when changing paper types. Matte Black and Photo Black inks have their own dedicated nozzles, so no switching is necessary. You can print on fine art paper then glossy paper with no worries, no changes, and no waste.

UP TO 32,256,000


Why Aren’t You Printing Your Own Fine-Art Prints ?