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Attention Digital Techs & Pros!

Phase One Certification Program

Training in San Francisco!

Bear Images and Phase One are pleased to present the Phase One Certified Professional Program.

The POCP training will be offered on December 8th and 9th in San Francisco.

The cost of the Certification Training is $499 (all participants will receive a license-key for Capture One 8 Pro, documentation to support the workshop, on-line training and participants that pass the Certification exam will receive a listing on Phase One's website for Certified Professionals.


All workshop/training days run from 9am to 5pm, are held at Bear Images Learning Lab in San Francisco, and includes lunch.  This is an outstanding opportunity to learn about both the Hardware and the Software that makes Phase One the industry leader for the professional.

Extensive hands-on exposure to the latest Phase One Digital Backs and Camera.  Advanced work-flow techniques, solutions and techniques to keep things running properly when the unplanned potential issues pop-up...

Special Rates for Recertification, which is required every Two Years...

The POCP training program includes:

  1. -Special Program Updates for 2015  & XF Camera

  2. -On-line Training Tool

- A full license of Capture One Pro Software
- A special Trouble Shooting Guide
- Get listed on Phase One's website as a "Phase One   Certified Digital Tech" 

- Extensive shooting time on the Phase One Cameras
- Extensive shooting time on the Phase One Digital backs


Phase One Certified Training Program December 8th & 9th

Become a Certified Professional at our Next POCP training

Special Rates for Recertification, which is required every Two Years...


This Training Program is designed to provide you with the Latest Hardware Updates, Trouble-Shooting and Diagnostics Information, Best Practices with Phase One Hardware and Software and the Latest Software Tools from Phase One.  Time for Hand-On experience is also made available.

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Please Note:  Prices, Promotions, Upgrades, All and Any Offers Subject to Change and Limitations Without Notice.

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Broncolor lighting workshop is a special program designed to provide professional photographers, assistants, and students how to effectively use Broncolor products from world famous Broncolor staff photographer, Nadia Winzenried.

In San Francisco, at Bear Images Photographic’s Learning Lab, March 16th.

Broncolor Lighting Workshop with Nadia Winzenried

March 16th, in San Francisco

Nadia’s lighting training will demonstrate professional studio lighting techniques for high-end commercial and fashion photography. The course will cover the detailed use of broncolor flash products and associated light shapers to show you the insider tips and tricks on how to maximize your creativity and efficiency. You will learn from the master; Nadia Winzenried’s photographic and lighting expertise is revered by professionals.

This workshop is open to all photographers/assistants/students or anyone wanting to set yourself apart and deepen your knowledge on professional lighting. Be part of the discussion – as an insider to the broncolor product development team, Nadia will be open to discussion and sharing ideas as well as what you would like to see in future workshops.

Broncolor Lighting Workshop Tuition is $75

March 16th, 1:00pm to 5:00pm (Bear Images Learning Lab-San Francisco - 196 Mississippi Street, SF)

Please Register on-line, or Contact Bear Images Directly with any questions you may have.

Equipment that is planned to be used in live demonstrations, include:

Scoro, E and S packs

Siros monolights with iphone app

Move kit with MobilLED lamps

Pico lights and accessories

Broncolor HMI

Para’s and how to use them effectively

Broncolor light shaping tools

New FT System

Bear Images’ Phase One IQ3 100MP


On-Location and In-Studio Shooting with the 100 MegaPixel Phase

January 21st - San Francisco

Guest Shooter & Speaker Niels Knudsen - Phase One’s Image Professor

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PhotoAesthetics Monterey Peninsula Photographers Workshop, featuring Mark Dubovoy, Point Lobos, Asilomar State Beach and a special visit to Edward Weston’s House.   

Four days of Photography at what many would call the Birthplace of American Modernist Photography with one of the master Landscape photography instructors - Mark Dubovoy.

Starting on the Afternoon of Sunday, May 8th through Wednesday Afternoon May 11th, with Lodging and Meals at Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds on the Monterey Peninsula, we will plan for morning photography at Point Lobos, an afternoon visit to Edward Weston’s House and Darkroom.

Photography along the majestic Monterey Coast! 

Expectations (as currently planned-subject to changes...)

•    Three nights Lodging at Asilomar (Check-in: 4pm Sunday, May 8th / Check-out: Wednesday Morning, May 11th)

•    All meals at Asilomar, starting with Dinner on Sunday the 8th at 6pm followed by discussion with Mark on his tips and techniques, and discussion on the Phase One systems (limited equipment will be made available for use to participants)

•    Monday, breakfast at 7:30 and off to Point Lobos for a morning of photography, lunch at noon

•    Monday afternoon, a visit to Weston’s House and a visit with Kim and Gina Weston, dinner at 6pm at Asilomar followed by an evening of photography on the beach

•    Tuesday, breakfast at 7:30 morning photography on the coast with lunch at noon

•    Tuesday afternoon, photography Carmel Mission, followed by dinner at 6pm at Asilomar followed by an evening of photography on the beach

•    Wednesday, breakfast at 7:30, morning photography, check out (by 11am) and lunch.

Phase One medium format digital backs are the recommended camera system and will be supported during this photography workshop.  Camera systems will be made available to participants, as available, and supported by Bear Images (discuss your request with Bear Images to arrange for a system that best fits you photography and the systems availability).

Participants can provide a finished picture file for large format printing on Canon’s New 4000 series printer featuring a new 12-color printing system, planned for release in June, to be printed and sent back to the photographer (we hope to be able to produce prints by end of June).

4 Day Workshop, 3 Nights Lodging and Meals: $2,485

More about Mark Dubovoy and PhotoAestheticshttp://photoaesthetics.com/about/http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=571shapeimage_21_link_0

This PhotoAesthetics workshop has limited space available and requires advance registration. 

Please contact Bear Images via email or call 650-321-2327 for additional information.

Sunday May 8th, through Wednesday May 11th, 2016

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