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Zeiss CP.2 lenses will change the way you shoot video.

     If you’re not quite ready for the impressive CP.2 lenses, the ZE and ZF.2 line of manual focus Zeiss lenses will also dramatically improve your video. If you’ve ever tried to precisely control manual focus on an autofocus lens, then you know it can be a real trick. When shooting with shallow depth of field and precise selective focus, ultimate control becomes increasingly important. The Zeiss manual focus lenses offer a huge angle of rotation, which means you have more room to be smooth. They have a positive tactile feel that’s solid in the hand and rotates incredibly smoothly. If you’re shooting video, especially with a follow focus, then you need to check out these lenses. Stop by the store or give us a call for more information.

Cinevate. For Ultimate Control of Your Motion Pictures.

    When the time comes to shoot motion pictures, the motion of the camera becomes just as important as the creative vision itself.  The ballgame has changed, and there are a ton of new tools out there to help photographers achieve the results they and their clients require, but which ones are right for you?  The answer to that is all of them are right for you, but each shot and each project will dictate the right tool for the job.

    Cinevate brings to the table a complete modular system that can grow with you and your aspirations for filmmaking. From the very beginning, most of the components in the line-up will carry forward as you expand and build-out your rig. That means you can start small, get your feet wet, and build on your system with confidence that none of your investment will be left behind as you grow.

    The quality of the CInevate products is top notch, and specifically the follow focus is among the best in the industry. The rest of the line follows suit with high precision machining, smooth movements, and logical designs. There are plenty of options for mounting your ancillary gear too, like external microphones, monitors, radio receivers etc..

     If you haven’t yet started shooting video for your clients, it’s probably only a matter of time. In some ways it’s quite a departure from shooting stills, but in others, it’s just a logical extension of the photographer’s eye. In either case, there are new sets of rules, new challenges to overcome, new tools to employ, and creative solutions that will help you produce professional results. Stay tuned to this page for future articles, product reviews & more!  Or if you’d like to talk to us about your motion picture transition, just give us a call!


How do you move your camera?

     Subtle or extreme, camera movements can drastically increase the professionalism of your videos, but what to use, when, and how, become the big questions. OmniTracker easily answers at least a couple of those questions.

    Rail sliders, tripod dollies, and table top dollies are useful tools, but OmniTracker seems to do it all with ease. Friction mounted, rotatable wheels allow you to make straight or

arced moves, orbiting shots, low angles, or in limited space. It can be used on the floor, a table top, coffee table,

or any smooth surface...all without the length limitations of a rail slider.

    With the laser alignment tool, you can effortlessly set the wheels to arc the OmniTracker perfectly around your subject or product, creating even full 360º shots. There are plenty of mounting options for external monitors or microphones via the 1/4-20 and 3/8 threaded holes, and you can mount your favorite fluid head right to the center.

    The OmniTracker is CNC machined out of two solid sheets of 6061 aluminum with build quality that is as robust as the most serious rigging. It’s available in three versions, ranging in features, weight capacity and price... The HD version can support up to 85 pounds!

What does your HD video sound like?

    So you’ve got a camera that produces beautiful, cinematic HD video but let’s face it, the built-in audio just doesn’t cut it. If you’re serious about professional quality motion picture productions, whether 15 seconds or feature-length, then it’s time to consider professional audio.

    The infamous Zoom H4n Handy and H6n Recorders has built quite a reputation for itself as the leader in external audio recording. This hand-held unit features onboard x/y stereo condenser mics as well as XLR, Phono, and miniphone jacks for external microphones.

    The Zoom H4n is a full 4 track stereo recorder, and saves to standard SD cards. The microphone quality is surprisingly good for such a small and relatively affordable unit... A must for anyone shooting HD video with sound!  The Zoom H4n is now in stock at Bear Images, along with

the new Zoom Q3HD, with not only records amazing audio, but has it’s own full 1080 HD camera built right in!

    What’s the perfect mate for a Zoom H4n? A Rode NTG-2 shotgun mic! Bear Images is now stocking this fantastic, yet affordable shotgun mic along with an array of other Rode products.

    The new RODE NTG-2 is a lightweight condenser shotgun microphone, designed for professional applications within the film, video, television and production industries.  It provides a balanced low impedance output stage and operates either from an internal 1.5 V battery (AA) or 48 V to the P48 standard. A wide bandwidth and controlled polar response coupled with low noise SMT electronics, makes the NTG-2 the perfect choice for film, video engineering and voice-over work.

    The NTG-2 is extremely lightweight making it ideal for mounting directly to video cameras or on boom poles. So the next time you need to mic a “talking head”, get the mic where it belongs.. up close & personal with an NTG-2 on a boom pole.. Simply run an XLR cable to your Zoom H4n, and you’re got the beginnings of a great production!

  For more information on Zoom, Rode, or any of these products, contact us at Bear Images Photographic.


Motion Picture


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DaVinci Resolve

Professional editing and color grading




Ursa Mini


URSA Mini includes the full version of DaVinci Resolve Studio for Mac and Windows for editing, color grading, media management, mastering and delivery. DaVinci Resolve can easily handle the 12‑bit log RAW images from URSA Mini so you can take advantage of URSA Mini’s amazing image quality and wide dynamic range. DaVinci Resolve features advanced, multi layer timeline editing with powerful trimming tools, along with the industry’s leading suite of creative grading tools! The combination of URSA Mini and DaVinci Resolve gives you a complete production and post-production solution!

Blackmagic URSA Mini

4.6k with15-Stops of Dynamic Range

The URSA Mini features a 4.6K native resolution image sensor it can capture much higher resolution than Ultra HD. This means when you’re working in Ultra HD you have a lot of extra resolution that can be used through the de-bayering image processing so you can recover full color for incredible images. The wide dynamic range blows away high end broadcast cameras to give you dramatically better images that can be color corrected for a truly cinematic look. For faster post production, quickly switch settings to use regular video dynamic range, so you can shoot great looking video without the need for color correction.

URSA Mini operates at a resolution & dynamic range that goes well beyond traditional motion picture film!

Blackmagic Cintel Film Scanner