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Bear Images Photographic offers an array of professional digital imaging systems from a number of high-end manufacturers including Phase One, Sinar, Leaf, and Canon. Digital view camera systems are also one of our specialties, along with technical cameras, aerial imaging solutions, and specialty custom-configured devices. We also offer the most advanced, fully-configured computer systems to make your workflow a breeze. Training is available to ensure the best possible results, along with complete on-site support anytime or anywhere.


    We can custom-tailor a rental package to meet your needs ranging from digital backs for
almost any camera system, to technical & view cameras or even professional studio lighting.


    Bear Images also offers complete digital production support services which include everything from the digital experts to the computers, color management, and the finest in digital backs- a truly complete digital shooting solution.

    Personalized world-class training and system set-up and verification services are available worldwide.

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Digital Production Support

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