Whether you’re setting up your first studio, a high-volume commercial studio, or are a seasoned professional with a well established studio, there are a lot of products & concepts that can really streamline your operation. We can’t begin to talk about them all here, but perhaps we’ll touch on something you aren’t aware of & that will spark your creativity and imagination for your own space.

From light stands to full ceiling rail systems, camera stands, light modifiers and even computer workstations, there are a lot of options out there. If you split your time between the studio and locations, compact and lightweight travel stands may make more sense than C-stands or rollers. If you’re 100% studio-shooter, though, a ceiling rail system and a rock-solid Foba camera stand can make life a whole lot easier and more productive.
    Shooting tables, booms, apple boxes, muslin or paper backgrounds, softboxes, pocketwizards,
light meters, location cases, clamps, flags, scrims, tripods, heads, carts, and sandbags.. we’ve got you covered and can recommend the right products to fit your needs. Bear Images is a full-line dealer of Avenger, Matthews, Foba, Manfrotto, Gitzo, Chimera, Plume, Pocketwizard, Sekonic, Tenba, and more.. If it relates to photography and it’s worth it’s weight, we can get it for you. Please give us a call to discuss your studio needs. One of our knowledgable staff will be glad to help!

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Lights, Stands, Fans, Camera, Computers, Cables, Power Distribution, Ceiling Rails, Software, Apple Boxes and Apple Computers.  We Get It and We Got it.  We are the Studio People and offer the widest range of true professional products and real working solutions....

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Copy Stands for traditional product, Cultural Heritage and Reproduction Applications come in a number of styles and sizes.   We can show you the differences and features of the various units.

Various Copy Cameras optimized for glass plate digitization, film or print scanning and reproduction of paintings and prints in full color or selective spectrum applications for research and cultural heritage applications.

Shooting Tables designed for Plxiglass, Masonite, Formica or veneer surfaces, in various sizes are available to match your studio requirements.  Lightbooms of traditional function, including the Redwing light boom which features a parallelogram design that makes it easy to precisely raise or lower light source without changing the angle of the light in relationship to your subject.

Video Boom with manual or motor-driven Pan and Tilt units designed to utilize normal fitness counterweights, range in both size and versatility. Full system breack-down to 40” lengths and down to 25pounds for easy travel.

Stands refined to meet your needs and lighting requirements ranging form the time tested C-Stands, Heavy-Duty Wind-Ups, Low-base rollers for tight locations to the strong and tall Medium Rollers.  We have all the style stands in all sizes form all of the worlds leading manufacturers.

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