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    Many of us have been wondering for a while now why there hasn't been a re-introduction of the old Profoto HMI units, and the day has finally come... except they're even better.

     Launching two new lines, Profoto now offers the ProDaylight continuous HMI heads & ballasts, and the ProTungsten continuous tungsten units. All of the new continuous lighting offers Air remote operation as well as compatibility with most of the existing line of Profoto light shaping tools. Wow! 

      The ProDaylight will be available as either 400 or 800 and boasts the same high-efficiency you'd expect from an HMI. Since they are Air-compatible, the ProDaylight units can be switched on or off, and even dimmed by up to 50% remotely. By using Profoto's Studio software, users will even be able to mix flash and ProDaylight and control it all from one central computer. 

     The ProTungsten units will be available as either 500W or 1000W, and are also compatible with the Air system. This means they too can be integrated into a multiple-light set up and controlled remotely from a computer. The units can be switched on or off and are dimmable up to 90%. 

    All of these new lights are equipped with a state of the art cooling system, which is designed to minimize noise and are designed for heavy-duty use, its metal housing and all components are solid, reliable and can withstand even the most demanding shooting situations.

   If you already own Profoto and are in need of continuous lighting, the wait is over. Call Bear Images for more information 650-321-2327, or click here to download the ProDaylight brochure , or here to download the ProTungsten brochure. 

Profoto Introduces Continuous Lighting!

    Sinar has responded to the ever-growing need for resolution with the of the Evolution 86H and eXact digital backs. The 48.8 million pixel sensor is an increase of about 50% over the previously top-of-the-line 75H (at 33 million pixels) and the eXact which can capture at various resolutions (12 MegaPixels to 192 Megapixles).  Multishot capability remains at the top of the feature list, and with the usual Sinar versatility, the back can be mounted to virtually any camera.

Sinar eXact for Reproduction and Commercial Production Photography with world class view camera controls and state-of-the-art electro shutters.

     Perhaps one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of higher resolution digital backs is the ability to record more color information. With each pixel only able to record one color, having more of them in the same or similar amount of space means you get that many more possibilities for recording color subtleties. To learn more about this particular back, click the digital back at left to download the 86H brochure, or give us a call at Bear Images Photographic. 650-321-2327

Sinar Evolution 86H Back and eXact

Broncolor Gets Competitive With New Packs & Heads

    While Broncolor has always been synonymous with performance & quality, they haven’t always had something for everyone. That has just changed with the introduction of the Senso power packs and Litos heads.

    Offering both a 1200ws and 2400ws pack, and new compact & lightweight heads, the Senso kits are designed for portable performance at a reasonable price point. They’re available in four different kit configurations (or a la carte).

    The new Litos heads are ultra-compact, yet still fully compatible with the line of Broncolor’s existing light shapers.


    Senso A power packs have three head outlets and can be switched from symmetric to asymmetric power distribution with a toggle switch. The control range is 6.5 f/stops in full and 1/10 stop increments. The packs are compatible with Broncolor’s new RFS 2 triggering system, which allows for wireless flash sync and ultimate control right from the camera.

    If you’re considering a new flash system, consider the system you’re buying into & take a good look at Broncolor’s new Senso.

    Many of us have some kind of old medium format camera in the equipment closet from the hayday of film shooting. When the time came to evaluate digital systems, the increasingly popular 35mm DSLR platform seemed to make a lot of sense; after all, medium format digital backs
are significantly more expensive, right? Wrong! 

    These days we have a lot more options and one of those is the Leaf Aptus II-5, which can bring your old Hasselblad (or other camera platform) back to life for about the same cost as a high end DSLR. So what's preventing you from switching back to your beloved medium format camera?

     Delivering 42mb RAW files and yielding 128mb 16 bit Tiffs at a speed of about one frame per second means you can get the best of both worlds…that's faster than you can say "Film Advance"!  Stunning image quality and real-world speeds are what makes the Aptus II-5 stand out from the pack and make it a serious value.  ISO ranges from 25 to 400, and the dynamic range is a whopping 12 stops. Give us a call at Bear Images if you'd like more information on the Aptus II series, or download the data sheet by clicking here…….


Put that Hasselblad to work with a Leaf back

Achromatic+ TMAchromatic+.html

Step Up To Medium Format Digital!

    Medium format digital backs are expensive, that’s no mystery. But what many people don’t realize is
that some of them are not quite as expensive as they used to be. If you’re in the market for a high end DSLR, then you can probably afford to make the exponential jump in image quality to a medium format back.
    There are certainly times and places for DSLRs, but when it comes to image quality, there’s no comparison when considering digital backs. There are a ton of factors that contribute to this drastic increase in image quality, but one of the big ones is the total absence of anti-aliasing filters in backs. Each medium format sensor is individually calibrated & mapped so the camera knows how to deal with the variations from pixel to pixel, meaning each pixel records the information it sees & that’s that. 
DSLRs on the other hand, level the playing field by essentially blurring everything that comes through the lens & interpolating and sharpening to regain the sharpness and detail lost in that process.

    The other fundamental aspect to consider is the same one we’ve all known for years: bigger is better. Ok, Ok, that’s not always true, but in the film days it was common knowledge that 120 film was a step up from 35mm, and 4x5 was even better.  With a physically larger sensor, it’s possible to fit more and larger pixels, which in turn record more information.

    But I digress, the point here is affordability. For a similar price to today’s high end DSLRs, you can now shoot with a brand new 22 megapixel medium format digital back. Bear Images also keeps a healthy stock of used & demo digital backs, so we have a solution for just about everybody. 

    If you’ve already got a Hasselblad 500c in the closet, great! Or maybe you’ve rather put a back on your Fuji 680 or Mamiya RZ67, no problem.  Even the most modern of the medium format backs with mount and work with any number of cameras, so making this transition could be easier than you think. We can even mount backs to most large format or technical view cameras via graflock or sliding back adapters, so dig out that old Sinar & put it to work! 

    If you have yet to experience the difference that medium format digital can offer, let us know... we’d be happy to show you first hand how making the switch will improve your photography drastically. •


Phase One’s Incredible Digital Backs IN THE IQ3 SERIES

   Phase One announced some of the most groundbreaking and impressive digital backs ever. The new IQ3 series includes digital backs, 40mp, 50mp, 60mp, 80mp, 100mp and  Achromatic. The list of features
in these backs is dizzying, so we’ll try to cover most of them all here. 

    Probably the first thing you’ll notice is that big, beautiful screen... It’s a 3.2” retina-type display which boasts 300ppi for incredibly sharp images.. and yes, it’s also Magic Touch!  This screen’s touch sensitive user interface makes for an extremely easy and intuitive experience. Pan, browse and zoom up to 400% with multi touch technology.  Grids & guides, image rating, histogram, highlight warning, focus mask, and even live view are all at your fingertips.

    The proven four button navigation system is still there as well, so you can still interact with your back when it’s 5º and you’re wearing mittens.

    All of this new technology will surely make shooting easier and more productive, but Phase One has always stood on the solid ground of images quality, and performance. Three backs incorporate Sensor+, which means you have two systems in one digital back. All three backs also have industry-leading speed and ISO performance, even at full resolution. In Sensor+ mode, those abilities are even more enhanced; shooting speeds are dramatically faster and ISO ranges to12,800.

    Tethered connectivity has gotten a taste of the future as well. Now with a triple interface, you can shoot tethered to virtually any computer. Firewire 800 has taken over as the main interface, but they also now include USB 3.0, which offers up to 5Gbit/s!  This also insures that you’ve got the bases covered in case firewire goes the way of the dinosaurs.

    Wireless Communications from the Back on the IQ 3 series.  Exposure time up to One Hour.

  To break down the list of features a bit, here’s the bullet points:
  1. Highest resolution image sensor (IQ 100MP)

  2. Highest dynamic range (155 f/stops)

  3. Highest sensitivity (ISO 12800)

  4. Highest flash sync speed (Up to 1/1600)

  5. 2-in-1 systems with Sensor+

  6. Highest resolution DSLR display (1.15 million pixels)

  7. Largest high resolution DSLR display (3.2”)

  8. First multi-touch graphical user interface

  9. First medium format back with Live View on camera display, iOS devices and Computer

  10. First camera with Auto Horizon function

  11. First camera with USB 3 connection

  12. Highest CompactFlash write speed (Continuous write speed up to 119 MB/s)

  13. Highest image transfer speeds

  14. New IIQs compression for improved image quality

  15. Built-in firewire and USB battery charger

  16. Largest color space of all cameras

  17. Ultra fast capture rate (As little as .6 sec. per frame)


...And add a Phase One XF body, Prism  & 80mm Schneider LS lens in a special         bundle that will save you thousands! And amaze you in performance!


Bear Images 650-321-2327

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Only @ Bear:  Cambo WRS Anniversary Edition

Soon the Achromatic+ digital back will be available as a bundle with the very special Cambo WRS Anniversary Edition camera kit. This package will include the Schneider 28XL and 43XL lenses in anniversary edition finish, Aluminum body in black or titanium finish, wooden handgrips, ground glass, interface plate for digital back, aluminum case, Schneider 3x loupe, and limited edition unique owner recognition and engraving.

To participate in this very unique and exclusive opportunity, be sure contact Bear Images Photographic at 650-321-2327.

Click the Achromatic+ back to learn more about this incredible and unique digital back!

Achromatic+ bundle

Only at Bear Images Photographic!



Phase One XF body. The new rugged good looks, with a complete overhaul of all functionality & autofocus improvements.

The much-anticipated Schneider 28mm f/4.5 Asph. Superior edge sharpness, Schneider glass, and capable of sync speeds up to 1/1600.

All-new rechargeable li-ion battery for the Phase One DF and DF+ body.  Up to 10,000 shots per charge!

The Leica M-E. An economical version of the legendary M camera, which concentrates on the “purist” elements and essential functions.

The Leica M. As the first M camera to implement a newly designed CMOS sensor and feature live view and HD video. 24megapixels.

With the Leica S protection plan, you can extend the warranty of your S product to 36 months. Includes loaner unit, free inspection, also available for S lenses.

The Leica S gets a host of new improvements, including better image quality, faster & more accurate autofocus, faster speed & better UI.

The all-new 24mm f/3.5 ASPH. for the S system.  The widest medium format lens on the market. With minimal distortion and maximum resolution.

Leica Elpro-S 180  close-up converter for the 180mm APO Elmar-S. Reduces minimum focus distance and magnifies the scale from 1:7 to 1:4.5.

Leica TS-APO-Elmar-S 120mm f/5.6 Asph.

The first Tilt-Shift lens available for the Leica S system. Excellent for product, still-life, advertising, and food photography.

Leica Vario-Elmar-S 30-90mm f/3.5-5.6 Asph. Versatile zoom range equivalent to 24-72mm in 35mm terms, and the first zoom lens for the S system.

Want more information on any of these exciting new products? So do we!

We’re anticipating hands-on experience just like you, but in the meantime, give us a call to discuss new products, features, capabilities, or to place your orders.  650.321.2327








Well designed kits are available in all version.

Apple computers:  Offering premium power solutions ranging form the 5K iMac and the Premium PowerMac Towers to flexible portable.

Customized for you by Apple and Bear Images.

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