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Bear Images has a wonderful selection of pre-owned Phase One and Leaf Digital Backs for the majority of standard camera models..

Contact Bear Images to discuss you needs.   Excellent quality backs are available from as low as $5,500 and up...

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XF Camera System – Ultimate high resolution performance

•   With 100MP of resolution, a delicate balance and attention to operational detail is essential. The XF Camera System was built with optimal 100MP performance in mind. As such, features like the HAP-1 AF, Vibration Tracking, Vibration Detection and Electronic First Curtain Shutter technology were all build for this moment, to ensure the ultimate 100MP performance.

16 bit Color – The key to ultimate imaging perfection

•   Phase One Camera Systems are famous for capturing smooth and subtle tonal transitions, replicating scenes with ultimate detail. This is in large part due to the unmatched 16-bit color depth, combined with decades of software development. The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System will be the industry leading 16-bit camera from day one.

“... 65,536 Distinct Values Per Color ...”

“... Simply Better Than Film ...”

Fast and fluid Live View providing the ultimate workflow

•   One of the main advantages of CMOS technology is the stunning sensor read-out speed. One benefit from this read-out speed is fast and fluid Live View enabling simple, clear and precise focus in real-time as well as immediate reference for dynamic composition. With Phase One XF Medium Format Camera Systems and high-resolution imaging, focus can be critical and Live View can ensure consistent success.

“... Stunning Live Focus and Composition ...”

“... Get Started Today with Bear Images ...”

XF 100MP Camera System. The Ultimate Image Quality

•   For more than 20 years we at Phase One have been pushing the limits of digital image quality to help our customers stand out. With the XF 100MP Camera System, everything we’ve been working on finally comes together in one system. Ultimate Image quality combined with the ultimate creative freedom to help our customers create new masterpieces.

“... You Asked For It - Now You Can Get It ...”

“... Some Closer Details ...”

100MP Full Frame Medium Format CMOS Perfection

•   We’ve always strived to offer our customers the ultimate photographic flexibility. We were the first to offer Full Frame Medium Format CCD systems and now we’re proud to be the first to offer a Full Frame Medium Format CMOS solution. The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System offers the same great advantages of full frame usability with the added benefits of CMOS. No lens crop factors, no focus screen masks, just uncompromised image quality from edge to edge.

Phase One Color Perfection

•   At Phase One professional color management has always been an essential part of ensuring our customers get the ultimate image quality they demand. Phase One’s own Image Professor, Niels V. Knudsen and his team have worked for decades perfecting the color response of Phase One hardware, ensuring accurate colors are delivered while maintaining customized, pleasing and dynamic file render is emphasized. The Phase One Color is not just a science but a passion that runs deep at Phase One and a essential part of what makes our customers stand out.

16 bit analogue feel

•   For quite some time Digital Photography has surpassed analogue films in terms of resolution, ISO and Dynamic Range, but often at the sacrifice of one feature for another. Manufactures and engineers continue to strive towards reproducing the textures and tonal feel inherent to analogue photography while maintaining all possible benefits of digital photography. At Phase One this pursuit has always been central to what defines ultimate image quality. With the introduction of 16- bit Color Depth, coupled with CMOS ISO flexibility, the XF 100MP delivers a natural texture and tonal feel never before seen in digital camera system. For photographers striving for perfection, 16-bit Color is an essential addition to the versatility and resolution of the XF 100MP Camera System

15 stops of dynamic range

•   The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System delivers an unparalleled 15 stops of dynamic range, retaining unmatched detail in both highlights and shadows. This is the highest performing system in terms of dynamic range that the Medium Format world has to offer. The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System is engineered to provide the detail and unmatched quality, demanded by the worlds leading photographers.

Clean ISO from 50-12800

•   By combining new sensor technology and years of experience in noise suppression through Capture One software, the Phase One XF 100MP ISO range delivers unparalleled creative freedom and performance in all shooting conditions. With a previously unthinkable base ISO of 50, the Phase One XF 100MP delivers the flexibility of longer exposures and unrestricted use of fast lenses, all while providing the cleanest possible results. Expanding on CMOS technology, the XF 100MP can offer higher ISO versatility and , with Capture One software, retain excellent noise suppression and file render.

60 minute exposures

•   The new XF 100MP System delivers extreme long exposures of up to 60 minutes in full 100MP resolution. The IQ3 100MP is yet again the first of its kind to offer such flexibility in a creative tool. With no compromise in ISO flexibility and exposure limitation, all available on a full frame CMOS sensor, the possibilities for top photographers are endless.

Precision lenses

•   We offer our customers the best and most precise lenses in the world. Our Leaf Shutter lenses are designed together with world-renowned optics manufacturer, Schneider Kreuznach of Germany. Building on decades of experience in high- resolution optics and precision manufacturing, the Leaf Shutter Lenses are some of the sharpest lenses in the world and ready to compliment the new Phase One XF 100MP Camera System.

Electronic First Curtain Shutter

•   Continuing on our path to provide uncompromised image quality, we are pleased to provide EFCS technology with the Phase One 100MP Camera System.The addition of “Electronic First Curtain Shutter” to the XF 100MP Camera System means a further reduction in adverse vibration effects on high-resolution images. The benefit of EFCS is a significant reduction in camera vibration as it allows less mechanical dependency, which greatly improves sharpness when using shutter speeds that demand the steadiest conditions. The EFCS is worry free as it automatically activates when using Vibration Delay or activating Mirror Up.

With such a significant increase in resolution, we’re proud to provide the tools and technologies that ensure the best image quality is delivered.

The Capture One Difference

•   Our hardware and software teams are working closely together to deliver unrivaled image quality, fast and efficient workflows, as well as superior creative tools. With the XF 100MP Camera System, we have created a new file format to facilitate the 16-bit power of the 100MP CMOS Camera System. This 16-bit format, exclusive to Phase One, will offer unprecedented image quality to compliment unparalleled speed for your day-to-day workflow. The elegant relationship between Camera System and Capture One has never been so harmonious.

1/1600 flash sync Leaf shutter lenses

•   With an integrated Leaf Shutter, the range of Schneider Kreuznach lenses has flash synchronization speeds of up to 1/1600th of a second, something impossible for alternative Medium Format systems. Photographers can easily overpower ambient light using flash, providing complete control of the subject and assisting in freezing motion, as well as creating beautiful lighting effects.

Flexible & Easy OneTouch User Interface

•   The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System comes equipped with a flexible and upgradable camera operating system. The OneTouch UI allows the user to customize the controls and interface of the XF Camera System. The OneTouch UI allows for easy upgrades and add-on features to ensure you get the full potential out of the new 100MP sensor.

Precise Honeybee Autofocus Platform

•   HAP-1 is designed from the ground up with a custom processor coupled with a dedicated high-resolution CMOS sensor. This combination creates a unique floating-point architecture and a fully programmable interface, HAP-1 is easy to expand, update and customize. HAP-1 was engineered and designed with resolution advancements, and future technology growth, in mind. We’re certain the HAP-1 system will buzz with the new XF 100MP Camera System straight out of the box.

Extensive Vibration Reduction

•   Vibration reduction is certainly important for sharp images, but increases in importance at an exponential rate when resolution increases and pixel size decreases. The XF 100MP Camera System benefits from advanced Vibration Reduction Communication throughout the entire system to ensure that the right tools are used at the right time, ensuring crisp, clean and detail rich images with each capture. The entire XF Camera System is key to ensure the full potential of your 100MP resolution is met.

Accurate Viewfinders

•   Both the Prism Viewfinder and Waist Level Finder are built for full frame coverage, providing edge-to-edge brightness so nothing is missed. In addition we have designed new focus indication tools for both the XF prism and Waist Level Finder that will support the entire Phase One XF IQ3 range, ensuring ease and accuracy regardless of your workflow.

IIQ L 16bit – the first 16 bit CMOS file format

•   With the XF 100MP Camera System, we are introducing a new file format custom built for the 100MP CMOS sensor, the “IIQ L 16bit”. While we have always delivered 16-bit color depth with CCD based systems, the 100MP is the first CMOS sensor to deliver true 16-bit output captured directly from the chip. To enable this functionality, IIQ L 16bit is the first dedicated file format to deliver efficient and precise 16-bit CMOS based images.

16 bit Capture One processing

•   Interpreting 16-bit color is not only science, it’s a delicate balance of thousands of parameters meticulously evaluated and orchestrated in both hardware as well as software, all to deliver breathtaking results. We have spent decades of software development to create custom color algorithms in Capture One PRO. The XF 100MP Camera System is born into this legacy and will be the first and only 100MP Capture One PRO performer, ready from day one.

16 bit vs. 14 bit

•   The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System will be capable of capturing in both 14-bit and 16-bit color modes, depending on the demand and workflow requirements of the photographer. In situations where a faster workflow and smaller file size is preferred the option to capture in 14bit, while retaining full resolution, is simply a setting away. Where increased speed and further file size compression is a priority, turning on the IIQ smart compression format (IIQ s) is always an option.

Lossless and Intelligent compression

•   With the Phase One XF 100MP Camera System there are three user selectable formats: IIQ L-16bit, IIQ L and IIQ s. Both IIQ L-16bit and IIQ L are lossless compression formats, capturing 100MP resolution in 16-bit and 14-bit color depth respectively. The IIQ s format is exclusively developed, and has been optimized by Phase One for more than a decade. Image data is analyzed on the fly to provide 33% to 25% file compression sizes while retaining full resolution and impeccable image quality at a near lossless, 14-bit, compression. With the launch of the XF 100MP Camera System, we are proud to report the IIQ s file format has been refactored to provide results that are even better than before.

Perfect focus – with a single touch

•   With the large, high-resolution touch screen of the XF 100MP Camera System, Live View can be displayed in all its beauty directly on the system. Double-tap on the display to zoom to 100% and adjust focus with immediate visual feedback. With the Phase One XF 100MP Camera System it is easy to achieve perfect focus, even in the most demanding conditions.

30 frames per second

•   Fluid Live View is measured in frames per second, and at 30FPS everything looks perfectly smooth. The processing in the XF 100MP Camera System is fast enough to provide high quality imagery in real-time utilizing high frame rates. With the XF 100MP Camera System, latency is virtually non-existent.

Output via Wi-fi, USB and NOW HDMI

•   With the Phase One XF 100MP Camera System delivering a consistent high- quality Live View feed, it is possible to output the feed through Wi-Fi, USB or the newly added HDMI output port. Whether you are shooting tethered to a computer, connected to Capture Pilot via Wi-Fi, or attach a field monitor using the new HDMI port, you can use Live View to efficiently elevate the precision of your focus and composition. HDMI output creates substantial opportunities for your workflow, be it onset to an external display or in the field for a more robust Live View experience, the HDMI output provides you with composition tools and a workflow that works for you.

Capture during Live View

•   CMOS sensor technology allows for an unmatched Live View experience. With the IQ3 50MP, and now the IQ3 100MP, Live View is greatly improved with the ability to capture during Live View operation. Whether you are using Live View on the digital back itself or through Capture One Pro, a simple click of the shutter will capture your image at full resolution just as you are seeing it in real-time. Once the image is captured, you’ll seamlessly return to live view to continue your required workflow.

Joint sensor development and optimization

•   Phase One and Sony have been development partners for years, the 50MP sensor being the first milestone of our cooperation, now found in the XF IQ3 50MP. Creating the full frame sibling to the 50MP CMOS system has been a top priority of Phase One for years. We’re proud to now deliver a solution that achieves the image quality requirements Phase One customers expect, all while providing the performance advantages inherent to 100MP CMOS sensor technology. Phase One sensor experts have been working hard to optimize the complete use of the 100MP sensor for the worlds most demanding photographers.

Ultimate Service & Support

Phase One offers the best in-class support, promising our hardware users a response from the globally positioned expert support team within 8 hours, regardless of location and no matter what the concern. “We promise to respond within 8 hours. But typically, that is 7 hours more than we need” – Ulf Liljegren, Phase One Support Manager

5 Year Warranty

•   Offering an unprecedented and industry leading 5-year warranty, Phase One covers the entire system from top to bottom, lens to sensor. If your Phase One system should suffer a fault within 5 years, we will tackle repairs without hesitation on IQ3 Systems.

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Phase One IQ1 40MP System with XF Camera, Prism and 80mm Schneider Lens $17,990

Phase One IQ1 50MP System with XF Camera, Prism and 80mm Schneider Lens $28,990

Phase One IQ1 60MP System with XF Camera, Prism and 80mm Schneider Lens $29,990

Phase One IQ1 80MP System with XF Camera, Prism and 80mm Schneider Lens $34,990

Phase One IQ3 50MP System with XF Camera, Prism and 80mm Schneider Lens $34,990 *

Phase One IQ3 60MP System with XF Camera, Prism and 80mm Schneider Lens $36,990 *

Phase One IQ3 80MP System with XF Camera, Prism and 80mm Schneider Lens $43,990 *

Phase One IQ3 100MP System with XF Camera, Prism and 80mm Schneider Lens $48,990 *

Phase One Achromatic +   Back Kit $42,990

Phase One IQ3 or IQ2 100MP Value Added Back Kit $43,990 *

Phase One IQ3  or IQ2 80MP Value Added Back Kit $38,990 *

Phase One IQ3  or IQ2 60MP Value Added Back Kit $31,990 *

Phase One IQ3  or IQ2 50MP Value Added Back Kit $29,990 *

Phase One IQ1 80MP Classic Back Kit $29,990

Phase One IQ1 60MP Classic Back Kit $24,990

Phase One IQ1 50MP Classic Back Kit $23,990

Phase One IQ1 40MP Classic Back Kit $12,990

Upgrade to IQ3 100MP from IQ3 80MP  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 100MP from IQ3 60MP  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 100MP from IQ3 50MP  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 100MP from IQ280  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 100MP from IQ260  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 100MP from IQ250  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 100MP from IQ180  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 100MP from IQ160  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 100MP from IQ150  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 100MP from IQ140  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 100MP from P65+  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 100MP from other P+  $ Upon Request *

Upgrades to IQ3 100MP from Other Backs:  Upon Request*

Upgrade to IQ3 80MP from IQ260  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 80MP from IQ250  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 80MP from IQ160  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 80MP from IQ140  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 80MP from P65+  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 80MP from P45+  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 80MP from P40+ or lower P+  $ Upon Request *

Upgrade to IQ3 80MP from Other Backs:  $ Upon Request *

* Value Added supplied with 5 Year Phase One Warranties.

Bear Images Photographic has been a Premier Phase One Partner for over 20 years !

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In-depth personalized Digital Back demonstrations and discussions available by appointment.

XF Camera System

Designed around a new modular camera body, the Phase One XF Camera System is destined to be the new standard in professional grade medium format photography.  This new modern camera system offers a full re-design of all core elements, including optics, mechanics, imaging sensors, electronics, autofocus system, user controls, software, functionality and reliability. 

The feature list is extraordinary; New Vibration Sensors, Removable Prism-Waist Level Finder, Power-Sharing between components, OneTouch UI (via either intuitive touch-screens), Zonal Mapping, Next-Step Exposure feedback, ‘Honeybee’ AutoFocus System-via CMOS Sensor, Incredible New Schneider Optics, Extended Exposure Times to 1 Hour on all IQ3 backs, Rugged Construction, Selective Shutter Control, Continuous Mirror-up Lock, Interactive Live-view with Direct Shoot Mode, Customized Controls in Capture One for XF camera system, 30% faster tethered shooting speed, Upgradeable Feature Set... 

Now Available for Demonstration, New Purchases and Upgrades from Bear Images

Phase One XF System Introduction Overview video at PhotoAesthetics - Click Here