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    At the end of the '60s Lino Manfrotto was a photo reporter in Bassano del Grappa for Il Gazzettino and Il Giornale di Vicenza. He was also engaged in industrial and advertising photography. The photographer’s studio equipment was cumbersome, heavy and did not facilitate the work of professionals. The market offered a wide range of studio flash-units and quartz illuminators, but completely neglected basic accessories such as stands, booms and clamps.

    Thus, with the help of a collaborator, Lino Manfrotto made his first products, including a light and sturdy lamp stand, that was finally high enough. For a couple of years he produced just a few pieces to meet the needs of his photographer friends.

    The garage became a production workshop. It was there that the first Manfrotto booms, telescopic rods and other stands were manufactured. He soon realized that the production capacity was insufficient to address all the orders from customers.  

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      In 1972 Lino Manfrotto met Gilberto Battocchio, a technician working for a Bassano mechanical firm. The commercial and product soul had meet his technical counterpart. It was an all-important moment. Battocchio’s arrival turned Lino’s product into three-dimensional solutions. The two made a great team, and within just a few short years they had created a leading enterprise on a world level.

     In 1974 the first Manfrotto (Bogen) tripod was launched. Innovative, light and versatile, Manfrotto tripods and stands achieved success in many markets. Articles such as the Superboom, Autopole®, and Superclamp® became an important part of every photographic studios all over the world.

     In 1987 the Avenger brand was established, responding to the needs of photo and cine markets. Product quality became the hallmark of this range, which could withstand extreme use, rough atmospheric conditions with high load capacities.

     In 1989 the entire Lino Manfrotto shareholding was sold to the British Vitec Group plc, a multinational company listed on the London Stock Exchange. At the time it was operating in the broadcasting sector with American, German, English and French subsidiaries. 

     1992 saw the purchase of the French company Gitzo, a leader in the sector of tripods and heads for top end amateurs and professional photography.

      In 1993 the American company Bogen, specialized in the distribution of photographic material in the USA, was purchased.


3-Small Light Stand Bag

from  $41.50


Tripod Handle Strap2

Backpack 20

from $170

Backpack 50

from $240

Backpack 30

from $200

Pro Holster 20

from $53

Pro Holster 30

from $90

Pro Roller bag 50

from $325

Pro Roller bag 70

from $370

Advanced Gear



from $370


Holster Small

from $40

Advanced Travel


from $150

Pro Light Camera


3N1-25 PL

from $170

Pro Light Camera


3N1-35 PL

from $200

Pro Light Camera Backpack 220BL


from $260

Pro Light Camera

Backpack Bug-203 PL

from $220

Pro Light Camera Cover

Elements E-690 PL

from $50

Pro Light Camera

Cover Elements

E-702 PL

from $60

Pro Light Rolling




from $400

Pro Light





from $338

Pro Light





from $375

Off Road

Hiker 30L



from $200

Off Road

Hiker 30L


from $200

Off Road

Hiker 30L



from $200

Off Road

Hiker 30L



from $200

Off Road

Hiker 30L



from $200

Pro Light




120 PL

from $170

Tools to get your gear there -safe and sound- comfortably and efficiently

it is always best to see these many styles and sizes in-person and then select which is best to fit your needs

Black Super Boom with 008BU


Black ALU Stand w/Caster

from $620

Black Mega Boom w/geared

Telescopic Section

Max. 12’ Long

from $987

Please Note:  Prices, Promotions, Upgrades, All and Any Offers Subject to Change and Limitations Without Notice.

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Wall Boom: 82.6 “ Extension

180 Degree Pan / 160 degree Tilt

Two Section Boom - Aluminum

from $150

Variable Friction Magic Arm Quick Release

5/8” Sockets w/1/4-20 threads.

Friction Control Lock Knob

from $160

Wind Up Stand

Rugged/Heavy Weight with Two Riser Sections for up to 66 pound payload

from $737

3-Section Double Articulated Arm

Supports up to 9.9 pounds yet  weights only  1.7 pounds

from $107

Super Professional

Tripod Mark 2 Black Self-locking, Individual adjustable  & Lockable leg angles

from $550

Combi-Boom Stand

3-Section Stand

Chrome Steel Finish

Use as a Stand or as a Boom

from $244

Camera Stands

Various Sizes to meet your needs.

Mini Static w/Pneumatic  Damped Column

from $700

LYKOS bicolor LED 5600k/3000k, Up to 15000 lux at 1 Meter with Dimmer, 

CRI >93

from $515

Spectra500s LED 5600k  with Dimmer 300 Lux at 1 Meter

6xAA Battery or Optional Main Adapter

from $170

Off Road LED Light & Bracket

60 degree beam

225 lumens

from $85

Surface Mount Technology LED 210 Lux and Dimmable

Li-Pol Battery with USB Charger Cable

from $50

Spectra500F LED 500 lux at 1 meter

CRI >90

5000 degree K


uses 6-AA Batteries

from $220.

Lumie Series Muse LED

8 -LEDs with high color rendition.  Recharge with USB Cable

from $120.

290 ALU Monopod

4 Section

Rubber Grips

Adjustable Legs

from $50

Black Heavy Duty Pro 3-section

Holds to 26.5 pounds

from $80

290 Carbon Monopod 4-Section

Rubber Grips Adjustable Legs

from $90

ALU Fluid Monopod 4-Section

Ball Joint Base Retractable Feet

from $170

694CX CF 4-Section Monopod with Magnesium Castings Holds 11 pounds

from $200

Background Support Kit Complete Max Payload 22- pounds with Case

from $272

B/P Clamps 2 Holder Hooks Mounted on 2 Super Clamps

from $96



Extends 59” to 106.3”

Rubber End Cups

Each Unit

from $126

Metal Chain Expan Set

22-Pound Capacity

Available in

Various Colors

from $90


Lightweight two-in-one Portable Stand and Boom Pole

from $80

Black Backlite Stand with Pole

from $53

Photographer Must-Have-Tools

Super Boom with 008BU 2 Section Alu Stand and Casters Max Payload 66 pounds

from $620

Counter Weight 10 Pounds Features Locking Lever

from $45

Pivot Clamp for Boom Arm  

from $42

190 ALU 4-Section Tripod with Horizontal Column

from $240

Befree Aluminum Tripod and Ball Head, with Padded Shoulder Bag

from $200

545B Pro Video Tripod 100/75mm Bowl 2-Stage Tandem Leg

Twin Leg Design

Quick On/Off Rubber Shoes and Spiked Feet

Adjustable Leg Lock Collars

from $580

PIXI EVO 2-Section Mini Tripod

2-Leg Angles for Ground Shooting 2 -Section Legs with 5-Steps

from $50

055 Aluminum 3-Section Tripod with Horizontal  Column and Leg Angle  Control

from $240

055 Carbon Fibre 4-Section Tripod with Horizontal  Column and Leg Angle  Control

from $500

290 XTRA Carbon Kit, 3-Section Tripod with 3W Head

from $300

057 Carbon Fiber 4 Section Geared Tripod

3-Leg Angles

from $900

057 CF Kit-3S Ball Head Q5


Aluminum and Magnesium

from $850

100mm Bowl 1-Stage Heavy Duty Pro Video Tripod for payloads up to 110 pounds

from $750

294 Aluminum 4-Section Monopod Compact and Lightweight

from $55

XPRO Geared 3-Way with Adapto Body

Rapid and Precise Movement

from $200

Junior Geared Head 410 with Quick Release Plate

from $270

RC4 Lo Profile Rect. Rapid Connect Adapter with 410PL Plate

from $59

Pro Digital Geared Head 405 with Rapid Connect Plate 410PL

from $500

Horizontal Grip Action Ball Head with RC2 Rapid Connect Plate

from $180

457B Aluminum Pro Geared Tripod with Geared Column in Black

from $350

Magic Arm without Camera Bracket

20.8” Long

Payload  6.6 pounds max

from $98

3 Way Head with RC2 in Adapto with Retractable Levers

from $95

504HD Pro Fluid Video Head 75

Variable Drag

Sliding Balance Plate

from $450

Slider 100 + 500 Head

Dry Friction System

from $620

Digital Director

Workflow Management Processors

All the DSLR’s key parameters can be monitored and dynamically modified (Exposure, ISO,Shutter Speed, Aperture, Manual Focus, White Balance, Image Quality, Focus/Camera/Drive Modes).

New Digital Director APP 2.0 now available.

Digital Director for iPAD Mini 2/3 for Nikon and Canon 

from $399 (After Instant Rebate)


Digital Director for iPAD Air 2 for Nikon and Canon  

from $399 After Instant Rebate